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The Funders Collaborative Hub helps funders to achieve more by working better together.

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If you’re involved in giving grants to make the world a better place, the Funders Collaborative Hub is here to help you connect and collaborate. 

Why collaborate?

Collaboration between funders includes everything from informal information-sharing to joint funding programmes. 

Funders say that when they’re more aware of each other’s activities, they can make better decisions about how to use their resources. By sharing their past learning, current work and future plans, funders can help each other to find and play their best role. 

Some of the benefits funders achieve through collaborating include:

  • Avoiding duplication and identifying gaps they can fill
  • Joining forces to tackle big, complex issues 
  • Finding ways to work more efficiently
  • Creating spaces to engage equitably and inclusively with charities and others working towards similar goals.

How can the Hub help you?

Whether you have some collaboration experience or are just getting started, the Hub aims to provide inspiration, information and tools to help you.

Use the Hub to connect with other funders who are already collaborating on the topics that matter to you. See what’s going on right now or learn from work that funders have done before. Get involved, or get inspired to start something new. 

Who is involved?

The Funders Collaborative Hub is hosted by ACF and is available free to all funders. 

It was originally launched as a pilot in 2020, in response to funders’ increased interest in collaborating during the Covid-19 pandemic. Informed by everything we learned from our work with funders in our first year, we are now supporting funders to collaborate in the longer-term. Whatever your mission is as a funder, the Funders Collaborative Hub is here to help you connect with others so you can achieve more together.

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