Family foundations network meeting

Join us to discuss theĀ involvement of non-family members in a governance role of the Family Foundation.

We would like to encourage reflection and stimulate debate about the potential reasons for and against widening the governance of your particular foundation to involve non-family members. As with all things related to family foundations there is no singular approach to doing anything and everything must be weighed up within the unique context of the family and their foundation. We have two speakers with different perspectives: 
Philippa Charles, Director of Garfield Weston, who have retained an exclusively family Board perspective and Dame Sara Llewellin, Chief Executive, Barrow Cadbury Trust, who have expanded their Board of Trustees to include independent trustees.  

We will provide opportunity for you to share your experiences or considerations, stimulated by hearing these different approaches, in smaller groups with your peers of other Trustees or senior staff, who attend board discussions. 

Date: 13 June 2024

Time: 11am -1pm


Aisling Johnston, general manager, LFT Charitable Trust

Caroline Marks, chair, The AIM Foundation 

This event will take place online. A Zoom link will be sent 48 hours before.

If you would like to discuss access requirements, please contact [email protected]