Tackling poverty network meeting

Topic - Making Change: What Works

At our last meeting, attendees requested a discussion on taking a strategic approach to tackling the causes of poverty.  At this meeting we are therefore going to take as our starting point a report from 2021 by Runnymede Trust and the Institute for Public Policy Reform  - Making Change: What Works? - who sought to understand what we can learn from four movements from recent decades that have made change, exploring what worked and what didn’t work. It provides a useful framework for thinking through what movements need to leverage change, as well as identifying the role that funders can play. 

Date: Monday 6 February 2023

Time: 12.30pm -2pm


Cullagh Warnock, Trust Manager, Millfield House Foundation

Based in the North East of England, Cullagh is the Trust Manager of Millfield House Foundation – a tiny grant-maker which takes a relational approach to funding local policy work to address the underlying causes of poverty and inequality. She works with a number of other regional and national funders in a freelance capacity and is a trustee of the Pilgrim Trust. Her most rewarding role is as co-chair of a local domestic abuse service.

Rebecca Roberts,
  Grant Manager, Trust for London

Rebecca Roberts is a Grants Manager at Trust for London and takes a lead on their Decent Living Standards programme. Prior to joining the Trust in 2020 she worked for 20 years in the voluntary sector in a range of policy, campaigning and research roles relating to social and economic inequalities, human rights and criminal justice.  





Shabna Begum, Head of Research at Runnymede Trust will discuss learning from the report and help us think about this in the context of tackling the causes of poverty

Mary-Ann Stephenson, Director of UK Women’s Budget Group, will talk to us about the organisation’s work to get data into the hands of local activists and the approach it is taking to tackle the ‘childcare crisis’ – a major driver of gendered poverty

Sara Bryson, Senior Community Organiser at Tyne and Wear Citizens, will describe the strategies the local Living Wage action team uses to persuade local anchor employers to accredit as Living Wage employers

This event will be online. Zoom details will be sent 48 hours before event.

If you would like to discuss access requirements, please contact [email protected]